Untethered: An Urban Fantasy Novel

Corporate cog Nicholas Reid has always wanted what so many of us want: to be special. To reach his goal, Nicholas has followed the familiar and supposedly safe path of devoting himself to academic and corporate institutions, trusting that success there will give him the life he’s hoped for. When he’s jettisoned by his job without a second thought, Nicholas learns that he’s on his own–and always has been.

Enter the Listeners, a group of individuals with uncanny abilities who’ve managed to keep their presence in New York a secret. It’s by chance that Nicholas meets the Listeners and gets dragged into their affairs, but the more he learns about them, the more he’s sure their meeting was no accident. Through the Listeners, Nicholas believes he finally has the chance to be truly special.

But the Listeners have their own problems and want little to do with Nicholas as they face a brewing civil war over the possibility of leaving the city they’ve been bound to for more than a hundred years. What they–and Nicholas–don’t realize though is that Nicholas is already special in a way no one could have imagined.

Read the first chapter of Untethered here or learn more about Untethered’s setting in the Undercity universe here.