Undercity: An Original Urban Fantasy Universe

Welcome to the undercity universe, where strange changes are happening to city denizens, imbuing them with unnatural lifespans and uncanny talents. what’s behind these changes? why are some people affected and others not? and how long has it been going on for?

Throw X-Men, Gothic lore, and a dash of contemporary corporate culture in a blender, mix with nascent elements of mathematics, wrap the result in a metaphysical shell and you have the universe of Undercity.

Designed to tell fantastical stories in true places, Undercity weaves in the history of its featured locales to inform both its characters and the events they’re entangled in. From a genre perspective, Undercity has urban fantasy and weird fiction at its core, with myriad other genres appearing throughout its existing and planned properties.

Currently the Undercity universe consists of:

* UNTETHERED, the first Undercity novel, set in modern day New York City.
* AGAINST THE GRAIN, a shortform comic strip featuring New York in the mid-90s.

More stories and properties are on their way, including (without giving too much away) a heist story set in the early 80s, a murder mystery occurring in Little Syria in the 30s, and the strangest take on September 11th that you’ve ever read.