Freelance Writing Services

In addition to my own writing, I also provide services as a freelance writer for those wishing to produce content for a media property, refresh their organization’s business writing, generate a feed of social media content, or create wholly original longform works in either nonfiction or fiction.

As a writer of 20 years, with myriad works of fiction and a creative writing workbook series to my name, I’m equipped to match the style and tone of my clients. And, thanks to my own multidisciplinarian background, I have a deep well of knowledge to draw from to ensure my writing deliverables are accurate and appropriately researched.

My freelance writing rates are fair and transparent. I’m interested in forming long-term relationships with my clients to allow for continued opportunities for collaboration, and I believe the foundation of such a relationship relies on clearly communicating the value and cost of a given work product.

Here is what you can expect to pay for my services:

* Article Content: 5-15 cents per word, depending on complexity and length.

* Business Writing: $20-$50/hour; services include strategy and research as desired.

* Social Media: $75/month for up to 10 posts (not to exceed 150 words per post); strategy and optimization services available, as well as extended post word counts and post volume.

* Longform Work: Pricing TBD depending on scope of project.

Few blunders come off as poorly as bad writing; a misuse of grammar, typos, clunky constructions, or a stifled flow all create an atmosphere of unprofessionalism, eroding your brand equity and making you look like an amateur. If the writing you present to your readers matters, feel free to contact me to determine if I can be of help to you as a freelance writer.