Consulting Services

I am currently seeking clients to work with in an analytic consulting capacity on either a per-project basis or on retainer. My experience and skill specialties can be found here, though as someone who is ever curious, I am always open to learning about new fields, tools, and processes.

Thanks to my decade-long tenure at Google and my Pure Mathematics degree, I am adept at navigating ambiguity to solve problems in both emerging and established businesses. I have a proven track record of working cross-functionally with people of all skill sets, from the most rigorous engineers to the most growth-minded executives, and I always welcome a challenge.

When it comes to my work products and pricing, I am honest, transparent, and fair. I encourage all my clients to send NDAs before sharing any of their proprietary data for their own protection, and explicitly tally the hours of analytic work I expect on any given project to properly set expectations. When a contract involves lower-level analytic work, I offer to deliver the results at appropriate rates or, if the situation calls for it, offer expedited delivery at my regular rates.

In addition to my analytic skills, I have a wide network of past and present colleagues across a number of industries, and I am always eager to connect clients with members of my network when I believe an opportunity or mutual benefit exists.

If you’re interested in hiring a consultant for an analytics project or workstream, please feel free to drop me a note to determine if I’m a good fit for you.