Analytic Wishlist

At any given time, I have areas that I am especially keen to explore from an analytic perspective. For potential clients who have projects in these areas, I may be willing to offered a discounted rate or–in very special circumstances–limited pro-bono work.

Currently these areas include:

* Food & Bev: I am very interested to work with a data-savvy Food & Bev client who is looking to analyze their sales to inform their menus, offer promotions, and generate loyalty among their customers. My dream client in this space would be one with a hospitality footprint, similar to a USHG or a MFG.

* Urban Planning: I am passionate about cities, particularly my home city of NYC, and would like to work with either a public or private entity looking to improve an urban locale by way of development, infrastructure, or policy programs.

* Publishing: As an avid reader and writer, I highly value the opportunity to work alongside a publishing house to analyze trends, promote readership, and provide strategy on how to think about readers across a variety of platforms and devices